Spousal Support In San Diego

spousal support in san diego

Looking for spousal support in San Diego? California law awards both temporary and permanent spousal support, or alimony, for the lower earning spouse.  Temporary spousal support is awarded while the divorce is going on and is based on a statutory formula calculated through the “Dissomaster” program.  Judges rarely deviate from the “Dissomaster” amount in setting temporary support.

Permanent support is awarded when a case settles or a judgment is issued.  There are 14 statutory elements a court must consider when setting permanent spousal support.  As a result, these awards vary widely from case to case and the way the facts are presented to the judge makes all the difference.

Despite the name, “permanent” spousal support can have an end date.  If the marriage lasted for less than ten years, the rule of thumb is that spousal support should last one half the length of the marriage.  If the marriage lasted ten years or more, the award will generally last until the supported party remarries, the death of either party or the court changes its order.  A modification of spousal support requires a change in the circumstances of one of the parties to the divorce. We also specialize in Child Custody in San Diego.