This license allows online and offline activation for annual subscriptions. For monthly subscriptions, only online activation is allowed. This section contains information about Katalon`s licensing system. Here you will find a description of Katalon products and their available license types. Starting with version 7.0.0, you will need a license to activate and use any of Katalon Studio`s products, including Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE), Katalon Studio (KS), and Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE). This type of license applies to all types of runtime environments, including cloud or virtual machines with dynamic hardware specifications (to perform tests to Docker, Azure, AWS). Kre license can be a node-locked or floating license. When running through the command line interface (CLI), a license-aware work session corresponds to a completed process. Learn more about THE USE CASES FOR THE CRÉ.

The number of licenses to be acquired should be based on the number of running computers. If you want to install and use plugins in previous versions, you need to download it from But the latest version allows you to create private plugins and distribute them directly without having to upload to the Katalon store. Private plugins are only used by authenticated users of the organization and are not intended for public use. Katalon Studio is a free licensing tool that was released in January 2015 with a selenium-based engine. Most of the time, Katalon was designed to create and reuse automated test scripts for the user interface without coding. Katalon Studio allows automated testing of UI elements, including pop-ups, iframes, and wait times. The tool can be started on Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux. If projects and data are stored locally, data and files have no chance of being breached on the Internet. In addition, all Internet connection mechanisms, such as version updates or the collection of usage statistics in the Enterprise license, can be disabled. This type of license applies to local offices or workstations with fixed hardware specifications (machine-locked license): The moral of the story is: – We can no longer trust Katalon Studio. It really me off, but I`m responsible for responding to all my clients.

If you are looking for a free Catalan studio, I will not offer you to use poC or any project. If your business or customer is budgeted to purchase a license, then definitely do so. In addition, Katalon Studio is based on Selenium, the most popular open source automation tool, but with advanced features and reliable stability. If you`re a selenium lover, you`d definitely like Katalon and what it can do for your automation projects. . An explicit wait time is code that you set to wait for a specific condition to appear before continuing with subsequent steps. Katalon Studio 7 allows the export and import of testartefacts in different projects with the release of startup acts. This feature is handy if you`re working on multiple projects and want to release or reuse startup materials to increase test reusability.

Hello, Leo. We usually use Selenium WebDriver for testing purposes, you can find our review of the tool here Katalon Studio Enterprise and Runtime Engine is a complete automation solution for performing and conducting tests. Most web applications today are developed with Ajax and Javascript techniques. Therefore, the page is sometimes successfully loaded by web browsers, but the elements of this page may not be ready or loaded in different time intervals. KS7 supports automated selenium-based testing for the user interface on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, including Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Forms (WinForms), and Windows Classic (Win32). Katalon Studio is a good choice for small and medium-sized businesses. It`s a solution in development with many integrations that allow you to cover a variety of test types with a single tool…