In the absence of any provision to the contrary in the rental agreement, it is considered that a tenant who remains in possession beyond the duration of the tenancy and who, at the end of the term, pays the rent accepted by the lessor, has renewed the lease as a periodic tenant under the same conditions. For example, if the rent is paid monthly, it is presumed that an extension was made as a monthly lease. It is considered that the renewal period corresponds to the rent period, but that it does not exceed one year. There is a technical distinction between an extension and an extension. An extension is an extension or extension of the duration of the lease agreement. On the other hand, a renewal creates a new and autonomous lease and is not only a perpetuation of the old lease. Landlords may modify the terms of the rental agreement (including the increase in rent) in rental conditions that are not more than one month (week after week, month by month or other period of less than one month) by notifying the tenant in writing in accordance with Article 827 of the Civil Code. However, to the extent that local rental or evacuation regulations may restrict the ability of the lessor to unilaterally change the rental conditions. A provision of the rental agreement to automatically extend or extend a rental period is questionable for the tenant, unless it is indicated in bold at 8 points. In addition, the rental agreement must indicate, just above the tenant`s signature line, in bold type of at least 8 points, that the automatic renewal provision is in the main part of the agreement. CONSIDERING that the Owner and Salus Therapeutics, Inc., a Utah company (hereinafter “Salus Therapeutics”), which entered into this specific lease agreement of August 11, 2003 (hereinafter the “Lease Agreement”) under which the Lessor leased to the Tenant certain premises designated as Suite 202 at 675 Arapeen Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah (hereinafter referred to as “Leased Premises”).; We help our clients design lease amendments, renewals and renewals.

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