“But if you`re dealing with a consortium of 10 banks and an export facility for six months to lend, do you say what part of the footprint do you assign to this credit product? And if, next to this product, you have a renewable business establishment with this customer, how do you avoid double counting? At the start of COP25 in Madrid, the 2° Investing initiative and the five Signatories of Katowice look at the progress of the past year and the future. You will find the full statement below:. Wijnands recognizes this. Since he doesn`t have a background when it comes to sustainability (distribution and customer service make up the bulk of his career), he doesn`t hide the fact that he doesn`t have all the answers. Hence his willingness to turn to others for help. It is characteristic of the relationship between the Terra approach developed by his team and the series of product and measurement instrument innovations established by other parts of the Bank. Is safer online banking at the expense of convenient access? He asked the 2° Investing (2°ii) initiative, a non-profit think tank, to help address the aforementioned data challenges. 2°ii already has tools for collecting and analysing climate data for business assets and services, but it also specialises in measuring potential financial risks related to financial portfolios. What it means for a bank to follow a “two-degree path” is still largely everyone`s guess Mox-CEO Deniz Güven explains why the new virtual bank, backed by Standard Chartered, is changing the way we think. The pilot project of the tool that Standard Chartered is working on has been completed in recent weeks and a report on its results is published today. It was a “Houston we-have-a-problem” moment, he recalls.

Stunned on both fronts, he sought Wijnand`s help. But instead of going to an external consultation, he called an internal team within ING to deal with these delicate innovation challenges. In the same spirit of partnership, Wijnands hopes that the Terra approach will become a market standard. This means working with other banks to find solutions to the technical and strategic challenges related to climate-friendly credit (one of his favorite words). Such tensions are self-evident. The methodology supported by ING`s Internal Innovation Office actively encourages team members to break up. .