Divorce In San Diego

Divorce In San DiegoCalifornia is a “no-fault” divorce state, meaning that either partner can ask for a divorce without having to prove any wrongdoing by the other partner. The California court system does not care very much about the reasons behind a couple’s divorce. The court will only ask if irreconcilable differences exist, and if they do, a couple may get a divorce. However, the divorce cannot be finalized until at least six months have passed since one party was served the papers for summons and petition. There are some cases in which a divorcing couple may be permitted to request a “summary dissolution,” which is a simpler and often cheaper route. During a divorce, the Court will make orders dividing marital property, setting financial support and deciding parenting times for minor children.

An experienced attorney can advise you what to expect in a divorce and can help you present your strongest case to the court.  The evidence you submit to a judge, and the format you put it in can mean the difference between getting custody of your children, staying in your home, and having enough money to pay your bills.  Divorce is a difficult time and the right support system is crucial. We also specialize in Property Division in San Diego.