Child Custody in San Diego

child custody in san diegoCalifornia courts decide child custody matters under a “best interest of the child” standard.  There is a legal presumption that “frequent and continuing contact” with both parents is in a child’s best interest.  Because of the best interest standard, child custody decisions depend on the facts of each case and knowing how to present your facts to the judge is crucial.

There are two types of child custody:  legal and physical.  Legal custody means who makes decisions for the child.  These decisions usually involve education, medical care and religion.  Physical custody means where will the child reside most of the time.  It is quite common to see joint legal custody even when one parent has sole physical custody.  The courts expect parents to work together.  Our legal office is experienced in dealing with high conflict divorce and high conflict parents and can help you find the best arrangement for your children.

A child custody order can be modified whenever there is a significant “change in circumstances.”  Such a change can involve many different things, including a change in the child’s needs.  As children’s needs change as they grow, it is not uncommon to see some modification in child custody orders. Learn more about Child Support.