Paragraph 4 defines the term “firm” in respect of a contract or agreement for an amount of compensation. (a) a person who is obliged to pay compensation fixed on the basis of a judgment or settlement; or note: the following terms in this provision are defined in the law: “mass payment agreement”, “receivable”, “indemnity”, “judgment”, “person to be declared”, “repayment agreement” and “transaction”. (c) an authority of the Commonwealth, a State or a territory that has determined that it will make a payment as compensation to another person, whether or not the Authority is required to pay. (a) are set out in the order or agreement or in the law under which the order or agreement is entered into or covered by the order or agreement; or “reimbursement agreement”: a written agreement, an order of a court or compensation authority or a decision of a person or body, according to which the person who is the subject of a claim is required to pay the claimant compensation for the reimbursement of expenses incurred by the claimant, that the details of the old and new account details are expressed in a simplified manner. as part of a controlled implementation of the central deviation database. In other words, when a payment is made with the previous bank code and account data, it is automatically redirected to the new account. .