Ennovor focuses on transforming used oils into sustainable biodiesel and is able to help Member States meet the EU`s renewable energy targets. Used oils and residues are becoming an increasingly important part of the European biodiesel blend because of their significantly higher ThG savings than traditional vegetable oils. We were created in 2010 and we quickly became one of the leading producers of biofuels in Europe. Our current production capacity exceeds 100,000 MT per year, making us one of the largest biofuel processors in the UK. Our goal is to become one of the world`s largest sustainable biodiesel producers and we are working to increase our global capacity to 400,000 MT by mid-2015. Learn more about www.ennovorgroup.com. UGC works with biodiesel plants of all shapes and sizes. From the largest BQ 9000 establishments to mom and pops. Whether it`s the supply of raw materials, the purchase of their biodiesel or the management of their glycerin after the product is released, we have covered it. We started in this sector as biodiesel producers, so we have an intimate and complete understanding of your days in the factory.

We want every biodiesel plant in this country to succeed, and we want to be part of that success. UGC`s quality control program and intimate experience ensure that any biodiesel blender participating in UGC`s purchases for its blending operations will be confident that every drop has passed rigorous testing and that it is certain to meet the specifications of the ASTM D6751. An innovator in raw material supply, supply chain development and sustainability assurance, Ennovor is considering similar toll agreements with a number of biodiesel refineries at strategic sites across Europe. Ennovor Group is a sustainable fuels company and is part of the Black Pearl Capital Group. Our current portfolio includes a vertically integrated biofuels company that has total control over its supply chain up to biodiesel production. Ennovor Group, a global sustainable biofuels company, is pleased to announce that it has signed a rolling toll contract with one of Spain`s largest biodiesel refineries. Biodiesel is a clean, renewable diesel substitute that reduces U.S. dependence on foreign oil, creates jobs and improves the environment. Made from a diverse blend of raw materials, including recycled food oil, soybean oil and animal fats, it is the first and only Advanced Biofuel designated by the EPA to be marketed nationwide and the first to reach one billion gallons of annual production.